Our Vision

“Breed the best to the best and hope for the best”.   

Having sourced the best crossbred bloodlines available in South Africa in our quest to produce the ‘Sirai Horse’, suited to today’s safari and general purpose riding, further purebred bloodlines were selected from around the world during visits to view stallions that might ‘better’ the pedigrees, temperaments and conformation of our foundation mares.

The chosen breeds, with their unique characteristics, could play a significant role in producing horses with a range of desirable qualities.



Breed Characteristics

Primarily, in the first five years of breeding crosses have been made interbreeding Friesians, Boerperds and Thoroughbreds. These have the potential to do particularly well in endurance riding, dressage and showing for both children and adults.

While the Boerperd is renowned for its endurance, intelligent spirit and toughness, we believe the hardiness and noble good looks of the Friesian will contribute to a good-doing and enduring horse. The Friesian in turn will balance out the high-spirited temperament of the Thoroughbred to create a more docile horse with plenty of scope as a Sport horse cross.

We hope that East Africa will benefit from our efforts in years to come.