Stay Strong

If you wish to maintain your fitness whilst in Kenya, Sirai provides everything that you will need and one or two experiences that you will not find anywhere else.

Embrace the opportunity to train at altitude with stunning views in every direction and the cooling breeze that graces the estate in the mornings and early evenings.



To swim in our 20m infinity pool seems more akin to open-water swimming in nature than just doing laps in a pool. The gently salinated water, the use of local slate to line the pool and the illusion of the water’s surface stretching off into the distant hills will give you the wondrous feeling of swimming in the landscape itself.

If you love to swim, prepare for an experience to treasure long after your visit to Sirai has ended.



Make use of the free weights, cardio machines, yoga and pilates equipment to be found in the gym whilst looking out over the pool and beyond. With one wall open to the views and pool area, training doesn’t mean being away from friends and family or missing out on the atmosphere of Sirai for a moment.

If you like to train in solitude, take advantage of the in-built Sonos system and TV screens to help with your workout.




For running or power-walking, let us guide you to the 2km track that loops within the secure animal fencing of the property. Wide, well-maintained and secure it will lead you on a run filled with spectacular vistas at each turn and through a wonderful array of specialised planting and indigenous trees.

If you would care to enjoy a completely unique running experience whilst you are with us, you can run in the open bush accompanied by Kijeu, our very own Kenyan marathon runner. He will push your running to the next level and guide you through the land where he runs each day.



Sirai’s beautiful clay court stands waiting for family doubles games or fierce competition.

Aligned North to South, players can make the most of the cooler mornings or evenings with the sun your only spectator as it moves across the open sky to set in the western hills and throw its last warm rays onto the profile of Mount Kenya in the South.


The Retreat

After a day of adventure and excitement with friends and family, withdraw into the cool sanctuary or Sirai’s retreat. In this place of calm and stillness, your body will yield to the harmonious atmosphere and be prepared for the restorative treatments on offer in our private therapy rooms.

Lounge in deep stone whirlpools, either in the shaded interior of the retreat or outside in its gardens, in perfect peace and privacy. Immerse yourself in our steam room or in the chilled waters of our plunge pool to energise and invigorate both body and spirit.