The Ecosystem

Sirai House is one of six shareholders in the Borana Conservancy which collectively fund the operational costs of the conservancy to the tune of $1million each year which is spent on the security and conservation of the flaura, fauna and ecosystems, with all profits reinvested in the Conservancy.

Borana is dedicated to the sustainable conservation of land and wildlife, taking a holistic approach to building local livelihoods and enhancing ecosystem integrity.


Borana is home to an abundance of wildlife including many critically endangered species, most notably the healthy populations of black and white rhino which are flourishing here, thanks to the security and conservation measures in place.

Conservation is ingrained in the DNA of Sirai House; we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to contribute to maintaining the wonderful environment we are so privileged to enjoy.

In addition to contributing to funding the operational costs of the conservancy, The Borana Conservation Trust, established by Sirai House, has donated over $400,000 over the past five years to various specific projects which aim to conserve the region’s flora and fauna, while supporting the local communities through education and health initiatives.



Borana and neighbouring Lewa afford excellent game viewing – as well as black and white rhino, you are likely to encounter herds of elephant, the endangered reticulated giraffe, the rare Grevy’s zebra and the better-known Burchill’s zebra. Big cats include lion, leopard, cheetah, serval cat and civet; with spotted and striped hyena, wild dog, jackal and bat-eared fox adding to the list of predators living here.

Plains game

As well as zebra, there are large herds of buffalo and a host of antelope species ranging from Africa’s largest, the eland, to the smallest, the dik dik – and many others in between such as the greater kudu, oryx, impala, Grant’s gazelle, gerenuk and hartebeest.


With more than 300 species of birds in Borana, there are too many to mention by name – but every game drive or walking safari will almost certainly be punctuated by flashes of colour as one or another of Borana’s feathered residents swoops in to view. Specialist birding guides can be arranged.



Our safari guide, Boniface, was born and raised just a few miles from Sirai House and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area. He has been guiding for over 10 years, many of these on the Borana Conservancy, which he knows like the back of his hand.

Boni is a graduate of the Amboseli Institute in Tour Guiding and Administration and is a member of the Kenyan Professional Safari Guide Association.