Your Personal Study

If you wish, like many of our guests, to spend a little time in contact with your business whilst at Sirai,  you can do so with ease and in the greatest comfort. Alongside its deep leather sofas and luxurious furnishings, the library can serve all your needs as a home-away-from-home office. A state-of-the-art, robust communications system (including a dedicated 4MB Wimax internet connection) with fibre-optic cabling runs here and all over the house.

If you prefer to work on the move, be assured that all rooms have a telephone and wi-fi, and there is good mobile phone reception throughout. Each bedroom, too, has a flat-screen television offering a host of television channels for keeping up with news and current events. The house is wired with a Sonos music system in every room and the pool area, with a library of music at your disposal – or connect your own device.




Sirai House is set within a 250-acre gated estate, protected by 3m electric fencing. A team of askari (guards) patrol the grounds day and night and are in constant radio contact with the Borana security team. Borana Conservancy itself benefits from a 3m high 7,000-volt electric fence and is patrolled 24/7 by a 50-man security team to protect the wildlife from poachers.